V-INOX Outlet Kft. was established in the spring of 2015. With our professional approach, we aim to be an honest company focuisng on mutually beneficial long term partnerships with both our customers and suppliers.

Our specialty is in inox and aluminium trade. We buy and sell products worldwide. V-INOX OUTLET Kft. puts great importance on collaboration. We listen to your needs and suggest the most beneficial solutions for all parties, and we commit to and take responsibility for our promises.

Sometimes we make mistakes. But to those we admit and then correct. We believe mistakes are an organic part of our development and are necessary to help us get better. We think constructive criticism is nothing but a help and appreciate all feedback.

Our motto: if it is possible, we do it – if not, we say it.

If you think similarly about the world we are happy to have your contact!


coil, strip, sheet, plate, decor sheet, hollow section, tube – welded and seamless, hollow bar, fitting, flange, angle bar, flat bar, round bar, wire, square bar, hexagonal bar, profilE, Head & Bottom – 1.4003, 1.4016, 1.4509, 1.4510, 1.4512, 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4310, 1, 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4828, 1.4841, 1.4845, 1.4362, 1.4462 and many more


coil, strip, sheet – 1050A, 5754 and many more

We keep the frequenty used inox and alu sheets on stock. And we offer the other items with short delivery time based on the partnership we have with first class service centers: items on stock of our suppliers within 2-9 days; items from production from available raw material within 10-17 days

The ones who you can trust

We put a lot of importance on the composition of the V-INOX OUTLET Kft. team. Therefore, they are selected not only based on their many years professional experience or on their exceptional contact network - but because they are: fair, positive, reliable, conscientious.

Csaba Sajben management

+36 20 941 4357

Sales manager of Outokumpu Kereskedelmi Kft., business manager of MCB Hungária Kft., commercial director of steel.s Hungary Kft., strategic advisor and operative activity advisor in an establishment of Villámszer Kft.’s stainless steel trade.

Róbert Gulyás sales

+36 30 493 9207

Learnt about materials and their applications first as quilified welder and later as material tester. He gained his sales experience at ThyssenKrupp Ferroglobus Zrt., MCB Hungária Kft., steel.s Hungary Kft., and at Villámszer Kft. He uses this experience to ensure our services are of prime quality and that our customers are satisfied.

Ádám Mercz sales

+36 70 948 6922

He started his sales carrier at the Hungarian telecom company and then collected his first inox and aluminium sales experiences at ThyssenKrupp Ferroglobus Zrt. later broadening his knowledge at Amari Hungária Kft before deciding to join our team. Here he works hard and shows his true potential.

István Suszter purchasing, logistics and quality manager

+36 70 386 9292

He worked as an office manager and salesman at Menet-trend Kereskedelmi Kft., commercial manager at Gordius INOX Kft., purchaser, quality insurer and salesman at Amari Hungária Kft., technical salesman at Schoeller-Bleckmann Edelstahlrohr Phőnix Kft., and now finally he is part of our team.

István Kurucz logistics

+36 70 674 6922

His experience in stock management combined with his humour and willingnes to work makes him an important member of our team.

Miklós Ördög warehouse and transport

+36 70 674 6921

You can find him any time in or outside Hungary’s borders transporting goods or in our warehouse. With his loyalty, commitment and reliability the reflects the stability of our company.

Judit Endrész back-office manager

+36 70 409 1553

Worked for the financial department of Outokumpu Kereskedelmi Kft. She keeps managing precisely and conscientiously all non-commercial issues. Aside from handling financial and administrative matters, she is the soul and face of our company.

Mária Mayer sales

+36 20 585 8498

With 40 years experience, she earned sales at Ferroglobus, Direct Line Kft., Avesta Sheffield, Avesta Polarit and Outokumpu Kft., and lastly at Amari Hungária Kft. She is a woman with exceptional experience who ensures our sales are running smoothly.

Angela Szabó purchasing

+36 70 611 5880

With her purchasing experiences gained in the field of car spare parts / accessories trading, her skills in usage of online puchasing tools and English knowledge and her aura now she makes the work of our team not only more efficient but also more pleasant.

Viktória Kiss back-office

+36 70 386 9200

Almost from the very beginning, she expertly performs all the tasks that are an essential part of our activity: paperwork.

László Rigó IT & others

+36 30 200 3707

All non-human powered structures are his domain, be it IT, machinery or vehicles. With his knowledge, broad perspective and problem-solving ability, he makes our life much easier.

Dániel Lőrincz warehouse and transport

+36 70 328 6434

Fiatalságával, pozitív szemléletével és jó kommunikációs képességével gyorsabbá és kellemesebbé teszi a munkánkat.

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